Selasa, 23 April 2013

This IS mY fRiend

Lets Check it out 
( •̃͡-̮•̃͡)( •̃͡-̮•̃͡) … hέhέhέhέ … ( •̃͡-̮•̃͡)( •̃͡-̮•̃͡)  

1. Vivace Cute Girl
Taken at Nuansa Polonia
Left 1 (Ketri Sembiring) _23 April
Left 2 (Marlina Siburian) _11 September

Center is myself_28 November
Right 2 (Rentina Simangungsong) _28 October
Right 1 (Juliana Hasibuan) _02 July
They are my best friends in high school. We've been through a lot together, learn together, thick and thin together.

Taken when finished studying at school

2. 1001

This is my friend at State University of Medan (1001)
Yellow (Ika Trisna Br. Karo S)_15 Desember
White (Juli Hartati Saragih)_27 Juli
Brown (Jelita Christianti Simangunsong)_27 Januari
Maroon (it's me)
Taken when finished worship IKBKK 

 3. DE_RU_DA_SI and RI_CE
Taken when finished worship prayer    
I think three of them are like my sister.
Fransiska Nababan _23 Oktober'89
Dahlia Kristina Silalahi_30 Desember'88
Ruth Sihombing_02 Juni'87

Taken when finished worship christmas
At Coffee Cangkir Halat

They are my friends in the ministry in the Church. Many pros and cons that happens, many also friction character. But I'm happy to know them ...

exercise Songleader

Practice in the Church
I ♥ all my friend and I give thanks to Jesus because HE gave me the opportunity to get to know them